sex before marriage

I love Winner's precise mind, even when it goes places that my (foggier) mind does not readily take me. So when her "Still
Dating is hard, especially if you’re a 20-something virgin. So how do you break the news to a date that you’re saving yourself until marriage? 26-year-old virgin Ellen Burkhardt talks to Caitlyn about the challenges of navigating the dating world.
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Catch the full interview with Adriana Lima at HuffPost Live HERE: "Do you talk with girls like that? Like, 'Are you a V-word
Smitherman made headlines earlier this year for retweeting a tweet from a self-described "crazy writer" that included a photo
"If a bachelor aged 21 years or above and a spinster aged 18 years or above had premarital sex with the intention to marry
For writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, abstaining from sex until marriage was not the right choice. Henriquez joined a recent
For freelance writer Alissa Henry, the answer is definitely yes. Watch the clip above to see what else Henry had to say, then
Saving yourself for marriage was considered the norm back when so many couples married young. But today, sex before marriage may be key to determining lifelong compatibility. Guest Alissa Henry shares her story.
Editor's note: Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and New York Times best-selling author, writes about sex and relationships
Ryan and Ginell are in their late 30s now and have been married 17 years. They've proved the statistics and some members of our family, including me, wrong.
I am a journalist, not a preacher, and I'm not about to tell everyone to hold off on sex until wedding vows are exchanged. But I've come to believe as a longtime relationship writer that it's best to hold off on sex until it comes with love.
I urge you to pull it together and focus on the amazing possibilities that wedding night sex has to offer. You've got the honeymoon and the rest of your lives to catch up on rest.
Want a successful marriage? Make sure you have sex when you're ready. HP: Were the participants of the survey of the same
Of course early sexual experiences can have lasting effects on relationships later in life. So it's not surprising that with
To right-wing ideologues, the debate begins and ends with the sinful act of sex outside of marriage, which can lead to only one outcome: punishment.