sex dolls

Some Japanese men say they’re falling in love with sex dolls.
Industry edges closer to "realistic, robotic" sex partners.
“We just have to come to terms with each other and say, 'OK, that’s for you, this is for me.'"
"With this rally he has passed every limit of decency."
“I think of this as a lifelong project, but I still haven’t decided how the story will end," June Korea explains.
An exhibition of love dolls shows just how far they've come in looking real.
Hello Barbies and talking sex dolls are causing controversy. One big worry is that these facsimile females are becoming so humanoid, so realistic, that they will disrupt relationships between real human beings.
Stop trying to get Siri to talk dirty and get ready for sex dolls with an artificially naughty mind.
The AI is in its development phase, but McMullen says that in two years, you'll be able to buy a robotic head for about $10,0000