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Coping with rejection, frustration and low self-worth can take a toll on both partners in the relationship.
Experts explain why you may have low interest in sex and what you can do about it.
Sex therapists reveal how to deal with this common relationship issue.
I struggled with depression, mood swings, and a truly lackluster sex drive for years.
If you've noticed your sex drive is lower than normal and can't figure out why, here are some things that could be causing the change.
For BRIDES, by Jillian Kramer. Decrease in your sex drive? There are myriad reasons why your desire to get down may be slowing
There are four areas that play a role in affecting a woman's desire for sex -- physical, hormonal, psychological and relationship issues.
Aging is not for sissies. I wish that meant that if you're a sissy you don't have to age. Apparently it doesn't. I've been a sissy my whole life and I'm aging at an alarming rate.
If that sounds like you ― or you got less than sufficient shut-eye last night ― don’t freak out just yet. One or two nights
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Here today, gone tomorrow -- your libido can be puzzling, to say the least. But that ebb and flow is completely natural.