sex in college

The annual ranking finds most campuses are making significant improvements.
Most Brown University students would be willing to have sex on the first date.
She has kept with the column for so long, in part, to open the eyes and expand the knowledge bases of students who, she says, "received, at best, an inadequate sexuality education in high school or at home, and at worst, no sexuality education to speak of."
At the University of Southern California, sex has a price. In economic terms, it is much too low. In consequential terms
When it comes to penis size, the conventional wisdom is that bigger is always better, but according to a panel of college
Tax dollars did not fund the UNM Sex Week events. Instead, the funding came entirely from student fees -- money that comes
Another, less provocative video encourages parents to talk about consent with their teenagers: UltraViolet plans to target
Everyone on campus is not going out, getting wasted and shacking up with a random person every weekend. Having a ton of random
Byers says she has reclaimed her sexuality and realizes the sexual assault "wasn't my fault," she said. Speaking to Cosmo
"Can I go down on you?" "No," I responded, breathless. "Not yet." Read more on Cosmopolitan
"For years, condoms have been marketed as a masculine product," Gaines said. "Because of this, they're often associated with
This numbers game plays a major factor in the ways in which college students develop sexual relationships and maturity; instead of sexual choices being based on level of comfort and feelings for the individual, they become strategic moves based on the numbers game.
They defined a hook up as sex between partners who "are not in a committed relationship" and "the interaction is short-term
Among the class' more whimsical feats, only 4 percent of students accomplished the "Big Three," which includes having sex
"I don't think it's that hook-up culture is the most popular, it's just the most visible," Cho said. "I think it's unhealthy
The telephone poll of 861 adults was conducted March 1-3 and had a sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points
Josh Zepps is joined by community members Alison Evans-Fragale, Caroline Konrad, Chris Rosbough and Farah Mawani to discuss who's likely having the most sex in college.