Sex industry

“Women working in the adult film industry are extremely career-minded.”
"We understand that science is ... a challenging concept for people who do not believe in facts,” a pointed letter said.
Backpage has only been closed a short amount of time, but people are terrified and desperate and have no choice but to hit the streets.
These illegal businesses grow directly from the misogynistic culture of the legitimate ones that house them.
The exhibition titled, "Dear Adults: We Were Bought," features 100 items, including 60 photos as well as girls' diaries and
Mississippi, another Red State, reportedly buys the most anal-specific toys per capita. Since Mississippi also has the highest
The call for decriminalization of young people involved in prostitution is supported by a number of entities. The American
Are sex work and sex trafficking two separate issues? Should sex work be legal? It really depends on who you ask.
In 2002, Germany decriminalized prostitution, reportedly due to pressure by the sex trade lobby and a few brothel managers who petitioned the government. This law effectively rendered the prostitution industry a legitimate business. Today, this experiment is failing.
Watch the video to hear more about Rome's plan to create designated zones for prostitutes. "But when you talk to the Catholic
Awhile back I interviewed, Julie Gordon White of Grow at the Well on my show The Entrepreneur Experience, where I speak candidly
Over his eight years in the adult industry, Wylde had routinely used Cialis and occasionally dabbled in the injectible erectile-dysfunction drug Bimix, which is shot directly into the penis. This was the third time it had landed him in the hospital.
I first started working as a dominatrix when I was in my twenties. I'm sure there's an old adage: When the money's easy, there's a catch. There was.
If you're like millions of other Americans, you've been cursing the banks for one reason or another lately. And that puts
Last year, a billboard near UC Los Angeles encouraged students to take "summer job" by signing up for
The Nordic Model, as this set of laws is known, views the sex trade as irreconcilable with gender equality and refuses to consider prostitution as inevitable.
Visit the Sun to learn more on Becky Adams' project. Adams noted that the brothel, which she hopes will be the first of its
Measure B's aims, as delineated by its primary backer, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, are to protect adult video performers and prevent the spread of disease. Viewed myopically, Measure B may indeed seem like a step in that direction. The negatives outweigh the measure's benefits, however.
The valuable lesson I learned this year is that those who aren't man enough to say "goodbye" should be ashamed. Don't be a coward. If you want to cut someone out of your life, just tell them face to face. Give an explanation so that there can be some closure.
The annual show attracted big crowds when it opened in 2008, at the height of Greece's debt-fuelled economic bubble. But