sex myths

With our without knowing it, it's likely you've bought into a few marriage myths. The good news is you no longer have to believe the them -- sex therapist Sari Cooper is here to bust three.
Myth #4: Size is important. Even if every guy you know can probably tell you exactly how big he is, penis size is not a barometer
The over-50, midlife, baby boomer sexual being has arrived. And what they want is support and information around how to expand their sexuality with changing bodies.
You've heard of the "G-spot," but what about the "A-spot"? Or the "P-spot"? There are a million nicknames for various parts
Vaginas are an unfair source of widespread confusion and embarrassment: Plenty of us don't know how they work or what they
Follow HuffPostWomen's board Stories To Share on Pinterest. Doctors offer G-spot-enhancing procedures, a practice Jeffrey
Not according to researchers at McGill University, who were surprised to discover that men and women experience sexual arousal
7. Men doing laundry turns on wives. Sharing the household chores equally is GREAT for a marriage, make no mistake. The studies