sex offender registry

Three years later, the man in question raped his own wife again and is now behind bars.
A recent investigation from the Associated Press found that hundreds of accused priests are now working as teachers, nurses and even counselors for sexual assault survivors.
Lawmakers are using "stranger danger" myths to keep almost a million Americans out of work and on the verge of homelessness.
The billionaire now charged with child sex trafficking reportedly never once checked in with the NYPD -- and cops were fine with it.
Registered sex offender Wanda Barzee was released from a Utah prison in September.
Jacob Walter Anderson also won't be required to register as a sex offender under the deal.
Under a sweeping North Carolina law, a man was convicted after declaring "God is good" on Facebook.
Research shows a child convicted of a sex crime, or an “adjudicated delinquent” in juvenile court, is not likely to commit another sex offense.
When I first began anti-trafficking advocacy in 2009, I believed any person convicted of human trafficking should face mandatory sentences, including registration as a sex offender if the offense involved sex trafficking minors.
Individual states have some flexibility in managing the registries, including requiring a minimum age for registration or
Upper Darby cops were shocked to learn last week that Sherlock had registered himself as homeless with his address as Naylor's
MSNBC notes a classic example of this deception in which Fran Kuni, a sex offender who changed his name to Jamie Shepard
Frank Rodriguez is family man, a husband and father of four daughters. He is also a convicted sex offender.