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As if the perks to all your yoga poses aren't good enough, we've got a sexy revelation for you: Many poses can help you have better sex and feel more confident in the bedroom.
Like red wine and a fine cheddar cheese, certain things just get better with age. That said, you may not be able to pretzel yourself into the same sexual positions you could at 20. If you're more concerned with safe sex, here are some suggested sex positions for every decade of life.
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Almost anybody who has been sexually active can tell you that the action hasn't always been continuously well-orchestrated, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
On the other hand, sometimes it's gummy bears, who starred in a fruit-flavored Kama Sutra tribute back in 2009. These photos
2013-06-04-sexpositionpull.jpg Sometimes you want to make love. And sometimes, you just want to destroy your man's penis.
It has been confirmed that becoming more uninhibited, playful and less self-conscious are all important ingredients in freeing orgasms and in producing multiple orgasms in women.