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Some of the most obvious developments happen in the sex toy business. Every year, there are dozens of flashy, new sex toys that promise to add new dimensions to the experience of sexual pleasure. So, if this is the case, why have I never mentioned them before?
I believe it's safe to say that all married women have fantasized, at least once, about having sex with another partner during their healthy, happy, and loving marriage. Her fantasy may be a secret affair with a celebrity, someone at the office, or perhaps just a sexy and willing figment of her imagination.
She's sexy, she's experienced, and she's not shy about using her mature charm to lure in eager younger men. She's a Cougar, and for most people in modern society, she is an utter mystery.
It was not until she was age 35 that Holland first entered the 'adult' world, but the minute she did, she felt for the first time ever that she had come home. She loved the freedom, the passion, and the uninhibited expression. She found it inspiring, and she saw opportunities for positive empowerment in every project. The work brought her to the front lines of feminism.
A study of online conversations offers more evidence that older people are still getting a shag on.
Many parts of edge play were once considered freakish, but thanks to the Sexual Revolution, the Internet, and the exposure of BDSM in mainstream media, people have become more educated on the subject, interested, and the stigma has lessened.
Even as a teen, I found myself gravitating towards older, professional, rather bossy men -- and them to me. The thought of being a high-class hooker excited me, then horrified me the next moment. I was educated, I was a feminist, I was a social progressive: how, then, could I be turned on by the thought of serving some imposing man in a suit?
"You either get it up or you don't, right?" Fonda matter-of-factly said, saying it's harder for men to age sexually than
1. Emphasize your active lifestyle. Don’t even mention the word retirement because it puts you in a certain category and
Who is there better to ask for relationship advice than couples that have been married for almost a lifetime? AOL Video recently
Menopausal straw poll: would you rather sleep or make love? The majority of women would choose the former (depending on who asked the question, of course), and roughly half of those who claim they'd rather make love might not quite be owning up to the truth.
With this idea, you don’t have to worry about last-minute calls. Be spontaneous and suggest a festival. I met my date recently
The anonymity and ease of online sites attracts singles of all ages. However, their sheer size and diversity can also be overwhelming, especially for the newly single. The challenge for singles over 50 is complicated by the fact that we live in a society that devalues age.
I met Georgia last year at a relationship workshop I was leading in California. She wanted to learn some new ways to reinvigorate
It may not sound terribly romantic, but scheduling sex could be the best way for couples who are still interested in having
I've talked with thousands of people about their sex lives. I've heard over and over about how much sex people are not having, how they just don't feel like it, how they are too tired to think about it. I'm always happy to be able to tell them there are simple solutions available.
Fonda has been heating up the silver screen as well, playing a randy ex-hippie in the film "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding
“I feel I am ready to give marriage a go and maybe go to bed with a man. You are never too old for anything. Just look at