sex scandal

In 2014, Morrissey resigned from the House of Delegates after he was accused of having sex with his then-17-year-old secretary, who's now his wife.
South Korea’s high-living “Great Gatsby” has been named in the operation of a prostitution ring.
The punishment stems from a basketball team staffer paying prostitutes to have sex with players and recruits.
Barnaby Joyce's affair "appalled all of us," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.
The network has been almost silent on the president’s alleged affair with Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels.
Officer Ryan Walterhouse was arrested as Bay Area police continue reeling from a teenage prostitute's sex claims.
Officers allegedly gave a teen info about police operations in return for sexual favors.
Four officers will be fired for attempted sexual assault and lewd conduct in public.
Federal politicians are less likely to win re-election after sex scandals than they were in the 1990s.
Imagine how different his career would have been Anthony Weiner had fessed up to his raunchy tweets right away and used some of that caustic New York wit he was famous for.
Like most documentaries, Weiner won't blow you away with its cinematography or production value. But it's packed full of the most important currency documentaries can possess that scripted films can't provide: access.
The student told an investigator his academic coach asked about the sex between him and her daughter, and about the condoms they used.
Sex scandals keep bubbling up from the Christian home school world and there is an underlying connection you've not yet read about--and believe it or not, it ties into the tea party and the GOP house speaker race.
"I believe that an open and honest investigation will vindicate me."