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"The Daily Show" host runs down some of the sex-crimes allegations in the news.
It’s the elephant in the room everyone’s been talking about. Last night, during former President Bill Clinton’s speech, he
This is political maneuvering at its best. Why had this idea not been used before? Can you imagine how many scandals could have been swept under the rug and how many careers could have been saved?
Give us a minute or two here to consider the possibilities. This story was originally published on Ozy. Think: South Carolina’s
Presumably the Republican and Democratic leadership should hold training sessions on how to avoid sex scandals. Congressman McAllister, please consult the playbook on handling political sex scandals posthaste.
Here's a little test: If you opened the newspaper tomorrow morning and read a story that revealed that Anthony Weiner was, yet again, up to his old junk-sharing adventures, would you: a) be shocked like you were the first time? b) be shocked and furious like you were the second time? c) be shocked and furious -- and then start scanning the Web for more details?
Sanford is back in office, Clinton is a respected elder statesman, and both Weiner and Spitzer have pulled a Stella and gotten their New York groove back. Has the "permanently ruinous political sex scandal" gone the way of the dodo bird?
Anthony Weiner's apparent delusion is that he can have political redemption effortlessly--without a process of true sharing of his mind and behavior; that he has suffered sufficiently for voters to trust him with their city.
Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) made a plea to the nation in an interview published Wednesday, asking for a second chance
Same-sex love affairs certainly spike the scandal meter with the added layer of gay drama. Whether carried out by politicians, Hollywood stars or religious leaders, secret gay love affairs have shaken the dust right off history books for centuries.
Though there were not as many spectacular sexual implosions in 2012 (remember 2011's Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Herman Cain and Jerry Sandusky?), there were still significant political and social developments that will have implications for healthy sex for years to come.
In an unusual development, former CIA Director David Petraeus will be teaming up with former New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, and former Senator John Edwards to secretly fight crime as a group called The Insatiables.
We will likely learn that it isn't just sex that means different things to men and women, but also power.
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Well, it seems that Billiam Clinton, a married man, was caught on film in mixed company publicly touching three non-virgins
What happens behind closed doors between two consenting adults should be their own business, right? Well, sometimes the nocturnal
It's always about power -- having, abusing, and being seduced by it. And this is why ill-conceived attractions have the potential to devolve into sexual harassment in the workplace.