sex selective abortion

Critics say the bill is "nothing more than blatant stereotyping."
The disproportionate rate of abortions among minority communities in the United States is an important concern that should be investigated, discussed and solved. The Arizona law is not intended to do that. While it is unlikely that anyone will ever be prosecuted under the Arizona law, the statute itself is offensive.
For Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women to fight to end the stigma of racism, the court asks us to first prove that these cause harm. People of color often have to confront systems built by white people who do not value our pain the same as their own. This is especially true when it comes to racism itself.
Using more recent data from 2007 to 2011, researchers found that foreign-born Chinese, Indians and Koreans have an equal
"What I did was speak some facts about percentages of abortion that are performed, and the ratios [for black women] far exceed
Florida lawmakers are one step closer to banning sex- and race-selective abortions, a measure some considered a "sneak attack
The group's latest video series, the first two installments of which were released Tuesday and Thursday of this week, shows
Franks and others say there is evidence of sex-selection abortions in the United States among certain ethnic groups from
Minority and women's civil rights groups, including the NAACP, criticized GOP lawmakers on Tuesday for using Frederick Douglass
We can no longer afford to ignore the growing use of technology to select for boys and against girls. One hundred sixty million girls never born and a future of seven brides for seventy brothers is indeed cause for alarm.
Deng Xiaoping probably would be concerned to see that Chinese population policies and practices as well as the engine of capitalism appears to be creating a Marxian nightmare of bourgeois and proletariat.
Increasing the status of women and girls around the world has never been more urgent. Despite sex-selective abortions being banned in both China and India in the late 1990's, the practice continues.
Without enough women, some Indian girls from poor areas are being sold as wives to higher caste men. Often these girls service more than one male and are kept essentially as sex slaves.
The solution to the prevalence of sex-selective abortion is to remove the motivation (emotional or real) behind the procedure by advancing women's human rights and their economic and social equality.
The key to eliminating sex-selective abortion in India is not in the abortion procedure itself, but rather in the motivation for having it.