sex talk

Here's how to tell your partner what you want (what you really, really want) with sex talk.
Here are some age-appropriate ways to discuss pornography with children.
I knew this day would come as I had been warned by those who had gone before me. He's going to ask someday. She's going to have questions. You need to get your story straight.
I'm about to bring up a subject matter that even today still turns adults into tweens. Ready? Here it is. I want to talk to you about your sex life.
It might feel awkward and unnecessary to talk to a toddler or child about their bodies and sex, but they need to be aware that it's not okay for anyone to talk to them or touch them in an inappropriate way.
"That's what I thought," my mom said, a knowing expression across her face. I was nearly out the door again when my dad spoke
“Mine is a vibrating ring! It’s phenomenal! Oh, it’s vibrating!”
Experts tell HuffPost Live how to discuss the birds and the bees with kids outside the binary.
"Oops, I forgot!" Waylon says, smacking himself on the forehead like a cartoon version of himself. "It's not SPRAY, Mommy said. It's called SPERM!"
I've talked in the past about how hard it is to ask for your sexual preferences in bed. But this is harder than just asking for your favorite position. Nonetheless, it's a non-negotiable necessity.
I grew up in a household where sex was not discussed. I learned everything I know about sex on the mean streets of Dry Ridge, Kentucky. I wanted it to be different for my children. My son, however, did not.
Last week, author and journalist Hanna Rosin prompted renewed conversation about teens and nude photos in an in-depth article
"How did I get Daddy's genes for big feet if I was made inside of Mommy?" This conversation happened between my children, over my head as I "slept" the other morning at 6:15. At this point, I had to get involved.