Sex Tapes

An xHamster rep said the company didn't want the star's memory "smeared" by the tape.
You're getting a haircut for what's left and idly pick up the closest magazine, People. You discover that Kelly Ripa who
The upcoming trial has also troubled media law experts like Lynn Oberlander, general counsel for First Look Media and part
Gawker won its lawsuit against the F.B.I. on Wednesday when a federal judge in Florida ordered the bureau and the Executive
Once again, I find myself musing over how the digital age has kicked me in the rear end when it comes to love and sex. My husband; my prince charming who left me breathless at every encounter; my reason for getting up in the morning, had a sex tape.
Thinking of playing a little very candid camera with your other half? Engaging in your own sexual shoot, whether as the star or the director or both, can automatically make things more dramatic and theatrical, even if you end up keeping most of your clothes on or refuse to make any cliched "orgasm faces."
While it's always good to get advice from an expert, I thought I'd go straight to the source and have a chat with the gender nonspecific, extremely affluent (and oftentimes overly intrusive and grossly inappropriate) entity know as "social media."
Let's make movies about how empowered, driven and accomplished we are. Let's produce peep shows into our everyday professional lives. Let's tape the tricks, stunts and mesmerizing moves we make to keep the office running, the family functioning and the whole world spinning.
When you hear the phrase "celebrity sex tape," certain images quickly come to mind. You think about a pair of impossibly
British sex toy and lingerie retailer Ann Summers decided to conduct their own poll to find out more about the ways women
Putting things back into perspective, in the "let's give them something to talk about" gratuity and PR stunt department, Miley Cyrus is certainly not reinventing the wheel.
I should not be surprised that Sydney Leathers chose the dark side of fame. This otherwise sweet but unremarkable girl found herself the object of more attention than she could have ever dreamed. This fast-track to notoriety may be short-lived but it is often exceptionally lucrative.
HuffPost Celebrity Associate Editor Leigh Blickley joins Ahmed to discuss Farrah Abraham's sex tape.
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Meanwhile, the student who filmed the couple and circulated the video is facing charges in Berks County Juvenile Court. Anders
When we thought all hope was gone for our longtime idol we were given a gift that would redeem him in our eyes forever. We were given the greatest sex tape EVER! Last week, a preview of Hulk's rumored sex tape was finally released.
Model Bar Refaeli really wants to make a sex tape, but there's one problem: She doesn't think anyone would want to watch
The surfacing of sex tapes among people in Hollywood has become so common that some tapes are leaked as a marketing strategy to advance or establish fame.