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Walmart's top adult toys, from bullet vibes and rings to wands and massagers.
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What is true for all of us, is at some point in our erotic lives we will struggle. The kicker is that we get to choose how we handle that struggle and I believe that we all have the power to have an incredibly, delicious erotic life.
For the most daring people on your list (yourself included).
Weird News
You might not want to borrow your girlfriend's phone for a while.
The doll wasn't the only thing about her prank that blew up.
The Apple Watch just got much more entertaining.
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"This does not look like anything found in nature."
It measures everything -- from the duration of your lovemaking session, to the g-force of your thrusts.
Queer Voices
Head here to see more from Scarcella. We couldn't agree more. Queer YouTube sensation Arielle Scarcella is back with another
There's a long line of innocuous items out there that have all been besmirched by our dirty minds, and now it's time add
Well, this got out of hand fast. Jennifer Aniston's "Horrible Bosses 2" character is known to wear some provocative outfits