sex trafficking

A new report details how the deceased money manager controlled the minors he is accused of trafficking for sex.
Several women read emotional statements expressing their anger and frustration with the now-defunct case.
3 more women have sued the alleged serial sexual predator's estate, detailing more allegations of rape and other forced sex acts.
There are more calls for an investigation after Jeffrey Epstein died of an apparent sucide in his jail cell.
Jail suicides are almost entirely preventable, and they’re far more common than you might think.
The multimillionaire financier was found dead in an apparent suicide while awaiting trial.
The multimillionaire financier was awaiting trial in Manhattan on charges of sex trafficking underage girls.
Kim Kardashian lobbied for the release of Brown, who was convicted of murdering Johnny Allen when she was a 16-year-old sex trafficking victim.
Cyntoia Brown is finally being released after 15 years in prison for killing a 43-year-old man who had agreed to pay her for sex when she was 16.
The multimillionaire financier has been accused by dozens of women.
Known as the Zorro Ranch, the high-desert property is now tied to an investigation that the New York state attorney general's office has opened into Epstein.
Authorities said the $350,000 in payments are proof the convicted sex offender is trying to influence witness testimony.
As a U.S. attorney in Miami, Acosta helped devise a secret agreement granting the accused child sex trafficker immunity from federal prosecution.
According to the Miami Herald, a dozen victims have reached out to attorneys in Florida and New York with more accusations against Epstein.
The supposed billionaire has been accused of molesting girls for years in what may amount to an elite sex-trafficking ring.
The centrist Democrat is having second thoughts about Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who once helped sex offender Jeffrey Epstein avoid prosecution.
The Trump labor secretary and former U.S. attorney approved a 2008 plea deal that allowed the billionaire sex offender to avoid a possible life sentence.
The labor secretary gave Jeffrey Epstein a “sweetheart deal,” Schumer said Tuesday morning.
The billionaire money manager was charged with child sex trafficking on Monday.