sex trafficking

Lawrence Ray, 60, is accused of sexually, psychologically and physically abusing students he lived with on and off campus.
Before his death, the wealthy financier was accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls.
The clarification comes after last month's confusion over whether the footage had been preserved.
A San Diego judge ruled that GirlsDoPorn engaged in malice, oppression or fraud by falsely saying their sex videos would never appear online.
Mia was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but alleges she was a trafficking victim who was forced to go along with a robbery that turned deadly.
Up until Thursday night, it was unclear whether the footage was lost, destroyed or never recorded.
Progressive lawmakers introduced a bill in hopes of collecting data on the health and safety of sex workers after passing the controversial SESTA/FOSTA law.
In reality, the crackdown on Asian-run spas leads to the criminalization of migrant sex workers.
“It is clear that ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein has consequences," the House minority leader wrote to the network's president.
Lici’s story of abandonment, coercion and exploitation shows the reality of sex trafficking in America.