sex week

It also makes it harder for UT to teach students about gender-neutral pronouns.
Lawmakers want to shut down the University of Tennessee's diversity office and ban it from promoting gender-neutral pronouns.
Republicans hate the idea of students organizing "Sex Week" so much, they're threatening to withhold funding that already doesn't exist.
We couldn't disagree more with Wharton and we're excited to see one of the nation's most esteemed universities focusing on
Still, Tennessee legislators passed resolutions condemning the Sex Weeks, and pressured the UT system to overhaul its student
"The initiative did not have clear oversight or close enough supervision to prevent the inclusion of topics that are sensational
At the vast majority of colleges and universities nationwide, students are charged a fee to help fund student clubs and student
While I support diversity of thought at the university, what is currently in place is not diversity. Sadly, when you look
We have a running theme this week: the utter and complete failure of the Republican Party's vaunted "outreach" to certain groups of Americans who have been voting against them in droves.
UT-Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek told HuffPost last week that the First Amendment prevents the school administration from