sex workers

"Remember, there's going to be more people that like you and appreciate you than people that hate you," Jo Weldon said.
A "violent predator" appears to be targeting sex workers, police Chief James Craig said.
I chose this profession because I want to help people connect in meaningful ways.
The platform’s new policy will disproportionately affect women and sex workers.
The former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial nominee said women who choose sex work and trafficking victims forced into the industry deserve support.
Thriving NSFW fandoms, artists, photographers and others will also lose the one place where they could be free.
I found it infuriating that in a society that constantly tells sex workers they need to get a "real" job, nobody would actually give me a chance.
Dominatrixes and escorts reveal their clients' most-requested fantasies.
Between the porn star and the nude model-turned-first lady, we just may have a truce on using sex workers as punchlines.
Critics say that the proposed legislation resembles a recently enacted U.S. law that has beens blamed for increasing risks to voluntary sex workers.
This sex researcher is fighting for their rights.
Sex work, though often cast off as an industry that compounds onto existing trauma, was quietly contributing to my healing.
The town hall with Suraj Patel marks a turning point in the sex workers’ rights movement.
My clients are everyday people who just want to feel desired as we all do.
Prostitutes, Putin and the “pee tape.” Here are the revelations in the Comey memos.
These anti-prostitution efforts cast nets so wide that many of us can become entangled and incriminated.
A study found female homicide rates fell 17 percent after the site created an "erotic services" section. So why would Congress add to the risks?