Turns out, sleep isn't defined by the binary way we describe it: You aren't simply awake or asleep. Instead, there are other
Sexsomnia is real! We talk to sufferers and experts on how bedpartners are impacted by those who have sex when they are 100% dead to the awake world. Joining Nancy Redd to share their story are guests Chelsea Pettit and George Schafer.
Sleep is supposed to be a peaceful time, but it's tough to relax for those who suffer from disorders like sexsomnia, in which
Have you ever suffered from a sleep disorder? What worked for you? Note What Medications You're OnA variable that can alter
"Sexsomnia" sounds like a made-up, weird word, but this appears to be a sleep disorder. While doing research for a recent TV appearance , I investigated what looked like a new and intriguing parasomnia.