Apple says it will no longer correct your fowl language.
The Maroon 5 frontman is accused of sending flirtatious Instagram messages to two other women as he denies an affair with a social media influencer.
The former State Department aide to Hillary Clinton unloaded on her ex-husband in a new memoir.
The 21-year-old influencer apologized and also said he'd be "taking some time away" from posting for awhile to educate himself and reflect.
"People need connection, I suppose, in whatever form is available to them."
If you and your partner live in different states or countries, these vibrators and other sex toys will take your video chats and sexting to the next level. 🔥
In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has swept the globe and dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Yet, that innate human need for sex and intimacy hasn’t gone anywhere. But what does sex look like in the age of isolation, and how can we be truly intimate in the age of social distancing?
The legislation would make sending a nude photo without consent a crime punishable by a fine.
The next time you're going to press send on that dick pic, send one of these steamy sexts instead.