Sexual Assault

“The hospital made no notes about the lineup in medical records, did not notify police and failed to suspend or terminate Dr. Cheng,” lawyers said.
Victoria Valentino is suing the comedian under a new California law temporarily lifting the statute of limitations on such cases.
The president has repeatedly rejected the allegations.
"I began to hate myself for not reacting accordingly ... I felt as if I had become a very bad person."
Ronald Antinore allegedly forced himself on the woman while they were both under the influence of LSD.
The CNN host tried to keep it professional as sparring escalated with Donald Trump's attorney, but to no avail.
E. Jean Carroll was able to bring a civil suit against the former president thanks to New York's Adult Survivors Act, which sexual assault survivors spent years fighting for.
Even Republican senators who expressed unease about the verdict wouldn't rule out supporting Trump if he becomes their presidential nominee.
Trump refused to testify at the trial, then falsely claimed he was “not allowed to speak or defend” himself.
David Patrick Neal is facing charges of aggravated burglary and assault.