Sexual Assault

Help centers struggling to aid "high" numbers of victims who now face the prospect of being forced to have their rapists' babies under harsh Texas law.
The TV personality says the former couple are in a “really great place” despite multiple women alleging sexual abuse by the actor.
The 19-year-old reportedly fled into the Thames in a failed bid to escape police.
The fundraising appeal for 17-year-old Pieper Lewis surpassed the $150,000 she was ordered to pay the family of her accused rapist.
The girl avoided prison time after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and willful injury in the killing of her accused rapist.
"Please be assured that we are requesting regular updates on the status of the investigation," DA George Gascón said.
At least 11 women have come forward accusing musician Marilyn Manson of abuse, prompting state senators from California and New York to call on the Department of Justice to investigate the accusations.
Kira Kazantsev, Laura Dunn and Savannah Badalich join HuffPost Live to discuss what they wish they had known about abuse before going to college.
The rapper is accused of holding a woman against her will at his home in July and raping her. He is being held without bail.
Martin’s lawyers said the claim by the nephew, which he has since recanted, has cost the singer millions of dollars in lost income.