sexual attraction

A loss of attraction is common in long-term relationships. Here's how to get the passion back before it's too late.
Asexual or “ace” people like me experience limited to zero sexual attraction.
Believe it or not, this happens often.
I've spent my life trying to understand it, maybe even rationalize it, and I've accumulated more questions than answers over
What determines chemistry between two people? Who has not said, "They have good chemistry together?" We hear it so often
I've been getting a number of questions from males, of all ages (20s through 60s) that all seem to ask the same question, which I will condense into one tragic appeal.
It's up to you, especially if you are not in the mainstream to re-define for a new LGBT generation what is considered a heroic, erotic, queer ideal.
A woman's face may also appear more attractive to men during the most fertile point in her cycle. A British study conducted
I have my own theory as to why many women are attracted to bad/elusive/unapproachable men. It's simple. The ultimate coup isn't getting a nice, sweet guy to like you. He likes everyone, right The brass ring is getting someone to like you who is not available or approachable.