sexual consent

Catholic activists, in particular, are worried that teens will start thinking it's okay to have sex before marriage if they learn about sexual consent at public schools.
Learning about sexual consent can help us navigate tough conversations about social distancing and mask-wearing with family and friends in our "COVID bubbles."
Jessica Mann entered into a consensual sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein after he allegedly raped her. Experts tell HuffPost her allegations can still be completely valid.
Progressive lawmakers introduced a bill in hopes of collecting data on the health and safety of sex workers after passing the controversial SESTA/FOSTA law.
The bill would require anyone guilty of paying for sex to be added to a public registry.
Despite coming of age in the Me Too era, most kids HuffPost spoke to said misogyny and harassment are ubiquitous in their schools.
It's more complicated than just saying you don't support the Alabama nominee.
Consent is binary. You have enthusiastic consent or you do not have consent.
Sexy texting may promote key habits that we should apply to our IRL sex lives, too.