sexual desire

A lack of intimacy can damage a relationship, but it doesn't always have to lead to divorce.
Staying sexually in sync with a long-distance partner takes a bit of effort, but it's so, so worth it.
Your "weird" fantasies are more popular than you think. 😉
You weren't born hating your body. You weren't born sexually numb with low libido. You weren't born with shame around your genitals. You were born naked.
OUTIES: The lime-light-loving penis is the sexual organ that attracts the most attention, primarily because it peeks its
Knowing this might even improve your sex life ;).
And sometimes, the people that turn us on the most are not the best fit for getting our emotional needs met. What most of
It's exciting for women who have struggled with hypoactive sexual disorder to be recognized and have a medication alternative. Not only is it a viable option for this disruptive sexual dysfunction, but the FDA is showing support in the challenges with female sexual health.
It is good news that the FDA is paying greater attention to female sexual health, and that eligible patients will have a new treatment option to try. However, this drug will help only a limited number of women for several reasons.
Let's put myths about female lack of desire to bed -- for good.