sexual fluidity

The "Sun Is Also a Star" actor was given the Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award last week.
A “Solo” writer opened up about Lando Calrissian’s fluid sexuality and his desire for “a more explicitly LGBT character.”
Here's why they say they're looking for love without labels.
“This period of my life was interesting, because I was figuring out my own sexuality and what I want.”
What is Sexual fluidity? Sexual fluidity, the researchers say, is a "situation-dependent flexibility in a person's sexual
This frame of mind is unsustainable. Such little boxes of sexual identity are being crushed almost daily now
"I don't focus on what you have between your legs," he said.
"So many kids these days are not labeling their sexuality and I think that’s so cool,"
Most people outside of the sex-therapy community have never considered the existence of a multi-universe of sexual identities, but those of us immersed in this stickiest of human foibles have come to realize that there is much yet to discover.
I find it beautiful and exciting that my wife is attracted to other genders, and I'm fortunate that she feels the same way about me. For us, this is an integral part of who we are.