sexual identity

The music producer says he doesn't consider himself part of any marginalized community after his "Good Morning Britain" interview is deemed a "coming out."
Many publications described Ronson's "Good Morning Britain" interview as a "coming out" moment -- which doesn't quite seem to fit.
Sex experts share common misconceptions about orgasms, masturbation, oral sex, porn and more.
The study is significant as suicides have been increasing across the U.S.
"It’s sad and destructive that our society has an image of elder human beings as 'sexless,'" Norm Self said.
What happened at Pulse made my heart sink. I remembered all the times I had laughed and danced the night away with my friends In the LGBTQ community. Gay night clubs are sanctuaries, it's a safe landing, a quick escape from a rough day in a homophobic home.
But notice how right here at the outset of the Bible, whoever came up with Genesis One made perfectly clear that God is neither
Back in my day, it was a lot tougher and riskier to find someone who wanted to have sex with us. There were no apps like Grindr for gay hookups, and we had to resort to all sorts of crazy behaviors to first discover, and then fulfill our desires.
Bisexually-oriented people often spend years asking themselves 'am I bisexual?' without reaching a conclusion, influenced by society's misconceptions that bisexuality doesn't exist or that you need to be equally attracted to men and women to be a 'true' bisexual.
I'm surprised that bisexuality remains the ugly stepchild of both the gay and straight communities.
Who is in your interior? Who do you cling to inside when you are most yourself.
In this new age of expansion and inclusion; some of us are really working hard to create a safe space for all of it. That is the intention --- and trying to speak to all vagina holders at the same time and be inclusive is an ongoing challenge.
There's a lot more out there beyond "hetero," "homo" and "bi."
Trump seems inclined to seven year-old boy behavior. Women are "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." People are
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After seeing Bruce Jenner's outstanding interview last night with Diane Sawyer, I felt so tightly locked on to some of the things he said that I couldn't shake the feeling of pure truth in his words. I related to that truth in my own life's experience.
While society is quick to label us in nearly every way, the way we label ourselves is much more telling.