sexual misconduct

"We're a country that believes in second chances," the Democratic presidential candidate said.
Several women have accused the superstar and general director of LA Opera of sexual misconduct spanning decades.
“I’m not helping her bs image another second,” model and actor Josh Kloss wrote in a candid Instagram post.
The astrophysicist serves as director of the Hayden Planetarium at New York’s American Museum of Natural History.
Franken’s resignation came after many women had accused him of misconduct. All the allegations involved unwanted touches or attempted kisses.
The New Yorker's Jane Mayer investigated the allegation that unleashed seven other claims against the former senator -- and finds it doesn't check out.
General John Hyten, tapped to be the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was accused of unwanted sexual advances.
The "Master Of None" actor was accused of sexual assault last year in a piece that appeared online.
Rubin, who left Google after a sexual misconduct allegation, has been accused by his estranged wife Rie Rubin of cheating her out of millions of dollars.
The "Last Week Tonight" comedian roasted the president for being palsy-walsy with "murderous autocrats" after a fresh sexual misconduct allegation.
The California congressman is also currently facing criminal charges for alleged campaign finance violations.
Most GOP senators would prefer to ignore an allegation of rape against the president.
E. Jean Carroll has revealed new details about the alleged sexual assault in an interview with CNN.
Singer, who directed “Bohemian Rhapsody,” was accused of rape and sexual misconduct earlier this year.
They faced strong disagreement on Twitter about whether the longtime co-host, fired for sexual misconduct, should have been skipped.
A state official and three statehouse employees accused Hill last year of groping them at a party.
A woman told New York police that the Oscar-winning actor grabbed her breast at a nightclub on Sunday night.
Actress and Time’s Up advocate Mira Sorvino opened up about her rape in a tearful plea to lawmakers to protect survivors of sexual misconduct.
Delegates at the SBC's national meeting in Alabama made it clear that churches can be expelled from the denomination for racism or mishandling abuse allegations.