sexual pleasure

Women learn about sex through the eyes of the world around them. They learn to see themselves through the desires of men and popular culture. Women grow up watching the story of sexuality being retold again and again through the eyes of the outsider instead of through their own bodies.
Some of the most obvious developments happen in the sex toy business. Every year, there are dozens of flashy, new sex toys that promise to add new dimensions to the experience of sexual pleasure. So, if this is the case, why have I never mentioned them before?
Rhythm holds the key to good sex, a study suggests.
Yet McCleneghan's emphasis is on union: First of all, the subtitle to the new book Good Christian Sex is Why Chastity Isn't
Why is this important? Because doing so can help save lives. 'Sex sells, but women aren't supposed to talk about it," says
A caller on the Diane Rehm radio show just now described himself as "a Christian man" and went on to criticize -- justly, in my view -- the effect of church attitudes towards towards girls' sexuality.
Many of us simply don't make pleasure a priority in our lives. We put everything else before our own pleasure and then we are simply too tired for pleasure. Or we run out of money or time. Remember, pleasure doesn't have to involve a partner.
As the NYTimes points out, it's not like it's some kind of impossibility for adolescents to understand the concept of mutual
When any teacher-student or dominant-submissive relationship becomes infused with selfishness, someone inevitably becomes
My surprise over first hearing about this case was not that there was an assault on campus, but that there was a young woman brave enough to come forward. That further begs the question, "What are we teaching our young men?"
Strengthening your PC muscle specifically addresses stress incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine when a person
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Humans are tool-using primates. We don't think we're inadequate because we use a hammer to build a shelf. Why should we feel inadequate because we use tools to augment our sex play?
Men (and women too) have complained for centuries that condom use interferes with the pleasure of sex, and the Gates challenge could surely generate some new condom designs. But there's no need to wait for pleasure-focused condom use.
These elements, when combined, create a fertile ground for being present with your partner and deriving optimal, even ecstatic pleasure from the sexual experience.
Why do women have orgasms? Most of the time, I'm so occupied with answering questions about why some women don't have orgasms that I rarely stop to think about why women do have orgasms. It's a good question, really.
The requirement of pleasure, delivered by a gorgeous, skilled, and smitten someone who knows our bodies and desires better than we do.... Is there really any question as to why these books are so popular?
There are lots of women engaging in sex (of all kinds) but not having pleasurable experiences. That seems silly to me.
Dr. Ogden’s patient was not amused: “She said, her eyes filling with tears, ‘Well, I don’t like myself very much.’ ” Read