Experts — as well as men and women who love period sex — share how to make sex during your menstrual cycle more enjoyable.
The actor and "Dancing With the Stars" contestant opened up about his sexuality in an emotional TEDx Talk that's resonated with fans around the world.
The singer, who identifies as pansexual, married actor Liam Hemsworth in 2018.
The actor, who plays Will Byers on the Netflix smash, was commenting on a Season 3 scene that has reignited debate about whether his character is gay.
Fans of the “Old Town Road” rapper are celebrating after he appeared to come out on Twitter.
I will always owe a debt of gratitude to my fiance, who opened the door to my queerness.
"I get mad when people assume things about me," the "In My Blood" singer said, "because I imagine the people who don’t have the support system I have."
“Everyone experiments,” the “Game of Thrones” star told Rolling Stone.
The video of an alleged attack on a man after he was asked about his sexuality has gone viral.
What started as an exploration of a sex club led to a revelation about self-love.
The platform's CEO wants to focus on creating a "welcoming" environment for its users — by banning the very content that made people feel included to begin with.
The "Dexter" actor told The Daily Beast he has "leaned into any fluidity" when it comes to sexuality.
It was an invasion into my personal life by those I trusted the most.
The Oscar nominee tells Vulture he "exists on a spectrum."
Don't believe these sexual health myths.
“I’ve always considered myself a little more fluid along the spectrum," the food and wine specialist said.
He's rumored to be dating "When We Rise" co-star Austin McKenzie.