SFO crash

Police later checked surveillance cameras and reportedly found Crudup stealing several bags and passing them off to Thomas
The names were supposed to be a joke. Only this joke wasn't funny. It was offensive, insensitive to the victims of Asiana's plane crash, and indicative of a major problem in a government and journalism institution. These 'jokes' make me question my American-ness.
Officials have confirmed that one of the victims of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, the Boeing 777 jet that crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6, was killed after the crash by a rescue vehicle.
Police and fire officials confirmed last week the student was hit by an emergency vehicle that was racing toward the wreckage
"I am very sad that one of the victims of the plane crash expired this morning," Dr. Margaret Knudson told the Mercury-News
A former pilot has recreated Saturday's plane crash at the San Francisco airport in an animation video that offers chilling
The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) tweeted a photo on Thursday of the charred cabin of Asiana Airlines flight 214 that crashed at the San Francisco Airport last week. It isn't pretty.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) tweeted a photo on Thursday of the charred cabin of Asiana Airlines flight
There's a lot more to being a flight attendant than slinging orange juice. You just don't see it. If you saw what was covered in my manual, you'd freak. And there's only so much training you can get before you run into something that has never happened before.
The low number of fatalities is thanks to not only the brave people who risked their lives to save others, but also to the many engineers and researchers who developed the incredible safety technology in planes today. The Wall Street Journal, in a report on Monday, credited three main technological advances for saving lives.