Each school has its own admissions process: most publics and charters are lottery-based, others are application-based and others may use academic performance or auditions as criteria.
California public schools educate 1.346 million English learners who constitute 21.6 percent of total enrollment, and 84
But a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled in Revolution's favor, and the new meals will be available as planned. In
By aligning the interests of each individual school with each other and fostering a collective, citywide spirit, edMatch is helping build one more plank on the bridge to equality.
Do your own kids attend San Francisco schools? I have two daughters in the SFUSD. One is a sixth grader and the other is
There is also disagreement over an increase in elementary school class sizes and changes in SFUSD's pre-kindergarten and
The San Francisco Chronicle reports: In a vote held on Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Education approved layoffs for
"It's one critical step we can take to improve the quality of life for all families in the city, and to support and encourage