(photo source: Such friendliness can go many ways for me being that I live 8 minutes from the George Washington
“This ancient biblical institution…has incredible modern relevance... That’s what has made the project sticky.”
My iPhone is rarely out of arm's reach so that I can read and respond to emails quickly, monitor any earth-shattering Facebook news, and generally be ready just in case something comes up. Each day tends to morph into the next without any designated time for personal restoration.
Its a major investment of time, people power and resources to pull together in order to create a massive 30 foot-long tent that serves food around the clock in a sea of other tents.
Friday nights can become more than the end of the week. They can be transformed into evenings dedicated to bringing people together, sharing meals and gratitudes, creating memories and community, savoring every bite, every minute together, around the table.
So what does one do when unplugged? Whatever your religion, faith or practice, there is much to be learned from the notion of a Sabbath or Shabbat.
I have always been puzzled as to why many religious people enjoy portraying G-d as executioner-in-chief and are always finding reasons to justify human suffering.