Buster Ross is Portland's dj john lewis. Here is the track list, with those artists performing WTF 16 listed in bold. The
What The Festival recently announced its 2016 lineup of world-renowned electronic and live performers. We asked none other than the legendary Danny Corn to cook up a mix showcasing the WTF 16 lineup, and the results are as good as it gets.
Image credits: He wishes. (Jösé/Flickr); sudden brightness (Andy Mudrak/Flickr); Admiring artwork. (Mark Turner/Flickr); Smelling
1. Wildfox "Granny" sunglasses, $179; 2. 3.1 Phillip Lim "70" sunglasses, $297; 3. Karen Walker "Orbit" sunglasses, $349
My relationship with sunglasses has been complicated long before Anna Wintour declared them "useful" and fashionably acceptable to wear indoors. Truth be told, I feel uber self-conscious wearing sunglasses, sunnies, shades (or whatever your term of choice), whether I'm indoors or out.
Would you wear USA sunglasses? I'm sort of like Diddy when it comes to sunglasses. Come rain or shine, you can catch me wearing