Shahs Of Sunset

Dooset daram, maamaan. Even though sometimes you're a little crazy. 😂
"I did go through a lot of identity crisis growing up because I didn't have Persians around me," Gharachedaghi said. "So
Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi joins HuffPost Live to discuss her feelings toward Iran and how she wishes she could go back.
Gay "Shahs of Sunset" castmate Reza Farahan spoke at length about how Middle Eastern attitudes toward homosexuality prompted
The stars of Ryan Seacrest’s "Shahs of Sunset" have said a lot of colorful things. One may have just set a new standard, comparing
Having a sex tape didn't hurt Kim Kardashian, so it should be no surprise that television producers now ask potential new
"Shahs of Sunset" breakout star Reza Farahan says it's easier to be a gay man on TV than a Persian, but neither are easy
I could not help but feel my parents' story was left out, as were many others: the interracial marriages of the Iranian Diaspora. We are the forgotten ones, often times frowned upon for not being Iranian enough.
Out and proud "Shahs of Sunset" star Reza Farahan has zero tolerance for gay men who are in the closet, recommending that
"If I were in the Middle East I would be running sh*t," he added. "I would get rid of all these religious fanatics, there