shake it off

The singer's Amazon Prime Day performance was her first public appearance since she called out her former label last month.
Never be afraid to ever say, "I have no idea what you're going through." Try to be someone's perception of light, in an all too often misconceived dim world.
There have been a few articles suggesting that Hillary Clinton make Shake It Off her campaign song. While I disagree with the reasons given, I am completely onboard with the concept that this song embodies Hillary's uncanny ability to keep on moving. Hillary should drop Katy Perry and go with Taylor Swift because no one can Shake It Off better than Hillary.
The repetition of the chorus represents the constant nagging, obstacles and adversity that life presents us, but Taylor Swift serves as the standard-bearer of shaking off that negativity and continuing onward with her head held high.
When you hold it in, you are like a block of old cheese that tastes like the refrigerator. When you shake it off, you are free and light. You're soy delicious. You're a berry smoothie.
He then proceeded to show them exactly what he meant: According to MTV News, Yost was the mastermind behind the flash mob
Let me begin by saying that, I do in fact understand that I am a 34-year-old mother of 3. I am also a huge Taylor Swift fan.
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In the end, it's unfair to presume people are as judgmental as we fear, and we should stop playing our own worst critic. The key for me with this is to proceed with a sincere heart -- believing in yourself no matter what the outcome, imagining the goals you set in front of you, and shaking off the peppering of hypothetical thoughts that do not serve you.
Get it, Ansel. Ansel Elgort really knows how to "Shake It Off." With true grace, he rattled off an entire, super-complicated
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