Shakespeare in the Park

Over in New York’s Central Park, just a short distance from our offices, the curtain came down last week on The Public Theater’s
Public Theater director's wife, as well as other Shakespeare companies around the country, have been targeted.
Portraying Caesar as Trump is probably well within contemporary performance practice, but maybe a little cheap and obvious.
The controversy over Trumped-up Shakespeare in the Park continues to be a bloody mess.
"Such discussion is exactly the goal of our civically-engaged theater," The Public declared.
Delta Air Lines, Bank of America react to The Public Theater production.
But it is an entertaining one in Sullivan's hands, and he puts the two lovers for whom the play is titled, and the two armies
The founder of Shakespeare with Veterans, Fred Johnson, has said that no one in the English language speaks more directly to the Veteran experience and the warrior's heart than William Shakespeare.
For a ZEALnyc wrap of Tony Awards 2016, visit: 2016 Tony Awards - Who Won and Who Should Have Won. With Janet McTeer as Petruchio
Janet McTeer in The Taming of the Shrew Photo: Joan Marcus Jumbo, too, is a bonny Kate to be reckoned with. This is the actress
"The stage was set, the Paula lights were glowing and Donna Lynne was dancing for her life," Ruiz, who was promoted to series
The early-morning line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets is a realm unto itself, an eco-system unlike any other.
As Dr. Shoes whisks the shoe to the back of his shop to begin the intricate restoration process, I look around with fresh intel and begin to decipher what lies behind the veritable hall of fame represented by the signed playbills, headshots and theatrical posters.