Feed your head: Cocaine and ayahuasca compounds were likely used by shamans during funerary rituals, researchers say.
What words signal to us the presence of a great character, leader, friend? What sounds bring us closer to the sacred? There is a sound, a resonance, beyond words. This universal song holds language and intention. It is where we come together in what is essential: supporting life; protecting the Earth, our brothers and sisters; and being a better person.
Tribal Gathering's intent is not to end after 18 days but rather to develop programs that have a lasting effect creating longevity for the ideas conceived there. It is a fundraising event for the public charity GeoParadise.
I stood and stretched. The pine rounds we used for seats offered shortlivedcomfort. Turning to take in the mountains rising behind the house,I was struck once again by the timelessness of the scene.
Eunmi has a new, and markedly different, job. She is a modern-day shaman in Seoul, practicing a 4,000 year-old folk religion in which mediums communicate with nature spirits to help the living with their most profound problems.
In an unlikely collaboration with Amazonian shamans, medical researchers seek a cure for autoimmune disease.