I was recently interviewed by religious studies PhD student Andrew Henry for his unique vlog, "Religion for Breakfast." We talked about applying social simulation to the study of religion.
Tribal Gathering's intent is not to end after 18 days but rather to develop programs that have a lasting effect creating longevity for the ideas conceived there. It is a fundraising event for the public charity GeoParadise.
In an unlikely collaboration with Amazonian shamans, medical researchers seek a cure for autoimmune disease.
Now, the substance has caught the attention of not only the American tourists and spiritual seekers traveling to South America
Byrne, best known as the sympathetic therapist Paul Weston in HBO's series In Treatment and movie The Usual Suspects, shared his views on the importance of storytelling and why we're more similar to the Viking culture than we may realize.
I have just returned from Peru and there is so much to share about my two weeks in this incredibly beautiful country. However, what I really want to write about is a bit of what I learned about their cosmologies.
Now when I'm greeted with trauma, instead of probing it as failure on my path, I accept it for the initiation that it is; thus, I accept my power in choosing how to move through it.
He touched my chest: "Your heart has moved to the right," he said. "We must move it to the middle, where it belongs." He
At Mercy Medical Center in Merced, where roughly four patients a day are Hmong from northern Laos, healing includes more
What might our society gain from the legitimate use and study of psychedelics if their benefits, as well as risks, were well understood and articulated?
Or perhaps not. I'm all for humor but Wonkette's post on this topic is a tad obnoxious : "Barack Obama Captures Coveted Peruvian
Ms. Chang is a jitong, a shaman who dispenses advice while said to be possessed by a spirit. Here, inside a modern office
There then follows an impassioned plea that you sign up with one Nicholas Vardy - who doesn't have that comforting "doctor