Stars of Showtime's hit series give a behind-the-scenes look of what to expect in Season 7.
You should stop sleeping on Macy, even if he goes to bed at 8 p.m.
Is there anything better than a reunion of good friends who haven't seen each other in a long time? On the most recent episode
It is all too easy for people to dismiss DeKayla's murder as a product of race, class, and poverty rather than looking at the larger culture she was a part of; in spite of her, her family, and her teacher's best efforts.
'My audition for Shameless was one of my worst auditions! I remember calling my manager right after and apologizing in advance if she got really bad feedback from the casting directors.'
Not only did she write, direct and star in Come Simi, she even talked her real-life OB-GYN into allowing her to use the delivery room for 15 minutes for free so she could shoot her giving birth for the movie just moments after actually giving birth.
I decided that I wanted to hand out my very own Emmy Awards today and thanks to a slight typographical error when first writing this piece I decided they would be called The Memy Awards -- my picks for performances and series that warranted being singled out for recognition.
Given that sex is such a charged and vital part of our identities, I am amazed that after centuries of analyzing, opining and investigating, we still do such a lousy job supporting and educating people around their relationship with their sexuality.