shanesha taylor

While many criticized Peterson, others shared warm messages of support.
Shanesha Taylor first made headlines last year when she was arrested for leaving her two young sons in a hot car while she
PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix woman who left her two young sons alone in a hot car during a job interview has been sentenced to
Shanesha's story matters on many different levels but I see two obvious ones; ignorance and hate, the bosom buddies of self-righteous judgers.
She's due back in court in December. Prosecutors in Phoenix said she could avoid jail time if she put $40,000 of that donated
The child abuse charges against Taylor were dropped in the wake of the outcry, but with strings attached. Now, Taylor might
Taylor spoke out for the first time since the arrest, in an exclusive interview with TODAY's Matt Lauer. She asserted that
Here's a quick lesson, it took 101 years after the Emancipation Proclamation to get a Civil Rights Bill to become law. Four years later Martin Luther King Jr., a leader of that Civil Rights movement, was assassinated.
Taylor was arrested on two felony counts of child abuse. She remains in jail, and her children have been put in the custody