shanesha taylor

While many criticized Peterson, others shared warm messages of support.
Shanesha Taylor first made headlines last year when she was arrested for leaving her two young sons in a hot car while she
A judge followed prosecutors' recommendation in sentencing 36-year-old Shanesha Taylor. Taylor's lawyer had asked for 10
Shanesha's story matters on many different levels but I see two obvious ones; ignorance and hate, the bosom buddies of self-righteous judgers.
Taylor denies the allegations, though it's still unclear where the money went. She's reportedly trying to raise money again
In court Monday, prosecutors "wondered aloud" where all the money went, AZCentral reports. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us
Homeless, single mother Shanesha Taylor was arrested for leaving her two young children alone in her locked car while she
Here's a quick lesson, it took 101 years after the Emancipation Proclamation to get a Civil Rights Bill to become law. Four years later Martin Luther King Jr., a leader of that Civil Rights movement, was assassinated.
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