shannon watts

Twitter's troll problem is not new, and by their own admission it has been a huge issue. Twitter is a private platform, just like comment sections in news outlets, so it can control the trolling any way it wishes, but it hasn't.
With rights come responsibilities, and for the safety and security of our restaurants, state capitols, and other public places, we must push back on armed intimidation. After all, there are no panic buttons for the public.
When Shannon Watts and Mike Bloomberg joined forces I thought that for the first time the gun-control movement had a chance to level the playing field against the NRA. What I didn't know and couldn't predict was how long it would take.
Moms Demand Action and our nearly 2.5 million supporters are truly grateful to you, Jay, and to other influencers who have the honor and courage to stand up against gun violence and the lobbyists who perpetuate it.
“Ultimately,” she said, “businesses cannot withstand the wrath of American moms and women.” “People are now just realizing
There are only 33 days between now and Election Day, and Moms Demand Action volunteers across the country are doubling down on our pledge to bring one million gun sense voters to the polls. I've personally committed to crisscrossing the country between now and Election Day to meet the incredible moms and women who are working to change our culture of gun violence.
It's just the kind of common sense appeal that a veteran public relations executive might dream up. In July 2012, her then
The National Rifle Association is in a quandary. The organization's leadership, which is sullied by a long history of sexism and misogyny, must continue to grow its market for guns in order to protect gun manufacturers' profits.
The National Rifle Association has made a concerted effort over the past several years to expand its appeal to women. But
When confronted with a semiautomatic rifle in the frozen food aisle with our children, how is any mom supposed to know if these are political activists making a statement, or if we should duck and cover?