Before Spanx, there were girdles: an undergarment dating back to the 1920s designed to enhance a woman's figure. They were so popular that by the '60s, they had superseded pantyhose and became the intimate of choice for most -- they were also everything but taboo in the bedroom.
I recently traveled from one sweltering U.S. destination to the next -- Alabama to Washington D.C. to NYC within a week -- and here are my favorite new finds for how to take the sweat out of summer.
Plus, shapewear can create an environment prone to infections. Dr. Erickson also notes that there can be a tendency for those
Everyone loves shapewear: On its website, Nurel states the results of a clinical study that supposedly demonstrates Novarel
Six hours later, I peeled the moist scuba suit from my body and collapsed on the floor. Filling my lungs to capacity for the first time since being seated on the groom's side. It burns. It burns so good.
"I hate Spanx because even though they look so good under your clothes, sometimes mid-wedding I'll be like, 'I feel so nauseous
For some of us, shapewear is a vital part of every outfit. So imagine the time we'd save if Spanx were actually built in
From style icons to soccer moms, I have dressed women of all shapes and sizes for both the red carpet and look-their-best moments in real life. So what do all these women have in common? They are all wearing shapewear.
Of course, Sofia doesn't need too much help to look great, even though she claims getting dressed is difficult with her hourglass
My first time wearing shapers was a few years back at a bachelorette party--I was on the better side of 30 and a nightclub was on the docket. In an attempt to fit in with club style, I chose to wear a nude micro mini skirt.
"As a man, even I wear it occasionally," Gunn confessed. "Because everything just looks a little more fit, and slim, and