shaquille o'neal

The Basketball Hall of Famer conceded the actor who ended up with the part "did an excellent job."
“Celebrities are crazy, they really are,” the basketball legend told the New York Post. “Don’t call me that anymore."
The TNT crew set up a hoop for the NBA great to sink a few to erase those bad memories — but it wasn't exactly to scale.
The 49-year-old said he went into Zales to buy some earrings when he told a "shy" man attempting to pay for a ring that he'd "take care of it."
The former NBA great capped off his eventful night with a bit in an ambulance.
The NBA legend shared the phone call he made to his late friend's family members on the "tough day."
The Hall of Famer gave the NBA star an all-time scolding on TNT.
The basketball Hall of Famer's move to pull over and wait for first responders was a slam dunk.
The former strongman center turned a game of HORSE into no contest at all.
The comedian dreams the day away in his latest coronavirus song, but it's no yawner.
He also said he won't be able to watch Bryant's Hall of Fame ceremony.
The NBA legend is "not friends" with Joe Exotic, he said.
The former NBA great knows how to bring people together, even when they're in coronavirus isolation.
"Let's just get it out of the way America," a defeated O'Neill told amused NBA on TNT hosts.
Shaq's words on the NBA legend and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate provided notes of humor amid a melancholy service.
“Kobe would want us to push through and celebrate life. So lets do just that,” Shaquille O'Neal wrote about his upcoming Funhouse Super Bowl Party.
Dwyane Wade also honored the Los Angeles Lakers great in a special episode of “NBA on TNT” filmed at the Staples Center.
The former Los Angeles Laker opened up about his biggest regret following the death of his teammate.
The Lakers legend sent warm words to the college player, who missed last season due to a heart abnormality.