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The companies' plans to give shares to hosts and drivers may be a small step but it points to a bigger economic transformation.
Airbnb for cars could change the way we get around, but traditional rental car companies want to put the brakes on these industry start-ups.
Airbnb for cars could change the way we get around, but traditional rental car companies want to put the brakes on these industry start-ups.
The sharing economy is not completely unchecked being controlled, to a certain extent, via decentralised monitoring - whereby
When Caroline Lupini needed a rental car for a month, the last place she looked was a car rental company. Instead, she turned
- Virtual currency Bitcoin ▲ Sharing economy Due to a number of geopolitical shocks, the number of global initial public
DW: Things go wrong every single day in life and in your business, and when you have children as well, it's a lot. So having
The fast-growing 'sharing economy,' which enables buyers and sellers to connect through digital platforms, can perform a great service by increasing choice and independence for Americans with disabilities, including many who wish to travel during the holiday season.
Some of the groundwork for sharing the city's car fleet has also already been done. So that people don't need to pick up
When everyday tasks and necessities are inconvenient, it wastes a whole lot of time and sometimes money. People who are trying
"Don't focus on the exit, focus on the journey and how you are going to get to whatever goal you set for yourself. Things
"These changes are merely a first step. Airbnb understands that no one company can eliminate racism and discrimination," she
To put it simply, the New Rich are the class of people who abandon the predetermined life-plan: go to university, find a steady job, settle down, pay the mortgage for the next 30 years and enjoy life when you retire.
Biondi noted a big part of his job continues to be educating people about ride sharing and innovations like in-app tipping
What brands come to your mind when you hear the term sharing economy? Maybe Uber, Etsy, TaskRabbit, Airbnb and dozen other companies which only half-a-decade ago were start-ups on a mission to challenge incumbents in well-established industries.
The sharing economy seems to be growing in 2016, especially in industries where the costs and inefficiencies are high. Retail
As technology continues to change the ways both individuals and organizations interact, people increasingly look back with fondness on the "good old days." Recently, certain companies have been capitalizing on this nostalgia in some very unusual ways.
Bringing back the "social" in social capital It is time to revive the natural proclivity of human beings towards collective
We all want to keep the internet as open, as flexible, as innovative, and as valuable as possible. And many of us assume that this means the net should be subject to no regulation at all.