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Conditions were near perfect, with minimal chop on the water, no wind, and partial cloud cover. Captain Kevin left the marina
Xu had some help in creating her sustainable business. She competed for the Singapore International Foundation's Young Social
We might actually have more to fear in these horrifying creatures than any mega-sized terror on a Shark Week special.
Not only this, but people are apparently so fascinated by sharks that they want to eat them. NPR reports that Shark Week's
What do you want viewers to take away or do? I wish I could answer this; I really don't know how to. I want them to feel
Scientists have estimated that 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year. If overfishing continues at its current
If this 1.3 metric ton poison drop is allowed to move forward, thousands of wild animals will be inhumanely poisoned, and in turn, those killed become a poisoned food source for other animals.
Costa Rican authorities say that by alerting Interpol to the gory butchering tactic they've uncovered, they hope to warn
Horrified by these staggering numbers, Joe Chernov and Robin Richards created an infographic to illustrate these shocking
If one third of the delegates vote to reopen the debate, the shark proposal could go belly-up. Why might that happen?
“Despite mounting threats, sharks remain virtually unprotected on the high seas,” said Sonja Fordham, deputy chair of the
Dusky sharks, also known as bronze or black whalers, are long-distance swimmers, according to National Geographic. While
A little more than one year ago, photographer Terry Goss dove into the choppy water off the coast of Rhode Island to swim with blue and mako sharks. What he found beneath the opaque surface of the ocean was clear evidence that the sharks he encountered there were suffering.
All who care about the health of the world's oceans need to take a stand in protecting sharks: refuse to eat shark fins and call on governments and businesses to end the trade in fins.
The huge bull shark, the top predator in the Florida Keys where it was caught, turned out to be a female, which are typically
Sharks are critical to marine health, yet their numbers are in decline. But this year, leaders from around the globe worked together to protect sharks like never before.
According to a new report, less than 1% of the highly migratory sharks reported caught in the Atlantic Ocean are protected from overfishing. That's a heck of a lot of neglected sharks.
Marine sanctuaries are wonderful places, but enforcement is key to keep out the illegal fishermen who aim to capitalize on the wealth of fish and sharks that make these areas so special.