shark cull

Allen Engelman received 15 stitches after a spinner shark likely mistook his hand for a fish.
The teen and his friends were reportedly surfing in an unmonitored area, where surfing was restricted, during the fatal attack
Last week, Western Australia's (WA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected the cruel shark cull. The EPA found a "high degree of scientific uncertainty" surrounding the impact of baited drumlines on the endangered Great White sharks of the Indian Ocean.
Fraser has no air tank -- she told a U.K. newspaper she can hold her breath for two minutes underwater -- and, no, despite
A spokesman for the Department of Premier and Cabinet confirmed that signs of shark cannibalism had been reported, but did
If you thought the shark cull in Western Australia was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. A compilation of undercover footage taken over the course of three years at a factory in PuQi, China, surfaced recently, and the details provided by Mr. Li Guang, one of the factory managers, reveal some disturbing truths.