shark diving

"It happened so fast there was no time to really be scared."
Meet Ocean Ramsey, the shark conservationist who thinks interacting with these misunderstood animals is something everyone
But this diver doesn't seem to care. Our underwater adventurer successfully completed a hand-to-fin high-five with a humongous
A new study put out by the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme finds that tourists in that island nation, which established
You're probably a lot like us: dreaming of that perfect getaway where you can cuddle with pandas, kiss cows and sleep with
There's a peace to swimming amongst sea life, and I felt more relaxed in the aquarium than I did in the pool. Phased by the creatures, I was able to stop worrying about breathing underwater and just "be."
Luckily, the 27-year-old daredevil walked away from the waters unharmed. He may have lost his wife, however, who Harrington
As Shark Week comes to a close, I am a little disappointed to see some of the sensationalism around this year's festivities
Despite what you see on TV during Shark Week, diving with sharks isn't exactly rocket science. Go with a guide. Show these creatures some respect. And don't dress up like their food, and everything should go fine.
While Discovery Channel might have you afraid to ever go in the water again -- or perhaps aching to get face-to-face with sharks -- Sport Diver magazine has a quick primer on these sea critters that you should study before dipping a toy in the water.