shark week

Migrating blacktips brought out the big predator for a close-to-shore buffet in a riveting video.
Cops initially thought the heist was a hoax, given that it was "Shark Week."
This is the first Shark Week since we learned that Donald Trump made Stormy Daniels watch it.
“Everybody wants to try to pick on something or say something or complain about something," he said.
The highly-publicized "Phelps vs. Shark" special left viewers disappointed once they realized Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps would not actually be racing a real great white shark.
Is nothing sacred? Fake news strikes again - this time on ‘Shark Week’. Viewers were left disappointed when Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps didn’t really race a real great white shark.
To the disappointment of some viewers, it was a CGI shark he raced -- not a real one.
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