shark week 2013

Have you read Devil in the White City? American Psycho? Silence of the Lambs? I digress. Obsession with powerful killers is old hat. If Discovery Channel really wants to tap into a ruthless, complex creature, the fruit bat is where it's at.
Despite what you see on TV during Shark Week, diving with sharks isn't exactly rocket science. Go with a guide. Show these creatures some respect. And don't dress up like their food, and everything should go fine.
While Discovery Channel might have you afraid to ever go in the water again -- or perhaps aching to get face-to-face with sharks -- Sport Diver magazine has a quick primer on these sea critters that you should study before dipping a toy in the water.
Discovery Channel's 26th annual Shark Week kicked off last Sunday. With many species at risk of extinction, we discuss what you can do to keep sharks safe.
Support Sustainable Seafood Sources Sunday marked the launch of Discovery Channel’s 26th annual Shark Week -- seven straight
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