sharon osbourne

Appearing on "The Talk" this week, Osbourne said she believes "really big women" are never "really happy" in their bodies.
The "Game of Thrones" star is the Prince of Darkness in the "Scary Little Green Men" teaser.
“The Talk” co-host had been dyeing her hair red once a week for the past 18 years and was “very tired” of it, according to her hair colorist.
The talk show host appeared onstage with husband Ozzy Osbourne to present the award for Best Rap/Sung Performance.
The Prince of Darkness told "Good Morning America" that he's not "going to go anywhere yet," and implored his fans to hang on for him.
The "Talk" host said the assistant got the sack because he "showed absolutely no sense of humor" about the situation.
The "All of Me" singer released a modern version of the Christmas classic featuring Kelly Clarkson.
The model told "The Talk" that she thought her friend's comments were a "mistake."
The Prince of Darkness hit back after the president shared a fake clip set to his hit "Crazy Train."
Osbourne said her former "The Talk" colleague Julie Chen, who's married to Moonves, will "probably hear this and hate me, but I have to tell the truth."